Smart watches have opened the door to tools that allow users to control their health, such as heart rate, amount of physical activity, among others. However, until then there was no way to measure the electrical activity of the heart to have the information from an electrocardiogram, for example.

The company AliveCor solved this problem with the Kardia bracelet. The device is installed on the Apple Watch and can even identify when the person is having a stroke through atrial fibrillation, which is basically the irregular heart rate.


Simply press a sensor on the wristband to start the ECG reading. The information, in addition to being available in the app, is also stored in the Apple Health app. Although the price and availability of the bracelet have not yet been informed, the application can be downloaded to Android e iOS.

In the case of Android, the user can purchase a kind of cell phone case with sensors that allow the electrocardiogram to be made.

With Engadget