Nowadays, smartphones perform functions of several devices: in addition to the traditional phone, they also act as calendars, cameras, music players, among others. But iPhones can do a lot more than you think. We have listed 4 device tricks that you may not know about. Check out:

1. Share your location through iMessage


When sending a message, click on Details, which is in the upper right corner, and select “Share my current location”. It is also possible to share a specific location, in the same way.

2. Check your emails while writing a message

When writing an email message, you can browse the application. To do this, click and hold the top of the screen and pull it down. Then browse through the emails. To return to the message screen, click it again.

3. Have Siri read everything for you

Go to Settings, General and Accessibility. There, click Speech. Activate the Speak Selection and Speak Screen Content options. It is possible to select between “Raquel” (Brazilian Portuguese) and Joana (Portuguese from Portugal).

Use two fingers at the top of the screen to activate page reading.