If you've ever wondered if books by YouTube personalities are popular with readers, know that they are. Is very. A list of the 10 best-selling books in Brazil in 2016 has four works that were written by the stars of the video platform. The information is from GFK, a specialist in market studies on the sector.

The best placed work written by a YouTuber is “Autenthic Games - Living an Authentic Life”, by Marco Tulio, owner of the channel that has more than 6 million subscribers, which occupies the fourth place.


“Dois Mundos, um Hero”, by RezendeEvil, which focuses its content on the game Minecraft and has more than 8 million subscribers on the platform, appears shortly thereafter. “Muito Mais que 5inco Minutos”, by Kéfera Buchmann, is in seventh, while “Secrets of Bel for Girls”, written by Bel and Fran, is in tenth place.

  1. “How I Was Before You” - Jojo Moyes - 291.190 copies sold
  2. “Ruah” - Padre Marcelo Rossi - 200.368 copies sold
  3. "After You" - Jojo Moyes - 179.822 copies sold
  4. “Autenthic Games - Living an Authentic Life” - Marco Túlio - 116.204 copies sold
  5. "Dois Mundos, um Hero" - RezendeEvil - 100.499 copies sold
  6. “Philia Padre” - Marcelo Rossi - 93.999 copies sold
  7. “Much More than 5 Five Minutes” - Kéfera Buchmann - 91.501 copies sold
  8. “The Crown” - Kiera Cass - 90.422 copies sold
  9. “Gray” - EL James - 85.977 copies sold
  10. “Bel's Secrets for Girls” - Bel & Fran - 84.795 copies sold