A new conceptual design for Windows has been uploaded to YouTube's 4096 channel and simulates what a mobile version of Windows 95 would look like. For those who like to make things more vintage, this seems like the most perfect thing ever. On the other hand, those who don't like the nostalgic air so much point out that it is a horror of usability and interface, being a nightmare for most designers.

The video posted on YouTube shows that perhaps the lock screen is more beautiful - and harmless. The home screen is very similar to the Windows Phone, but with the Windows 95 icons in low resolution. However, no one can deny that there is no point in Microsoft Word stuff on a 5-inch screen.


In fact, Word and Internet Explorer appear with the beloved and hated Clippy and the error pop-up window, respectively, and this is where you get the first shivers of bad memories. In fact, the whole thing is comical and the video editing is super well done.

WhatsApp and Twitter don't look so bad with this style from 20 years ago. And if it gets your attention as much as you want, in a while this could be a topic for Android developers trying to offer something similar.

Check out the video:


Street: Engadget