A supportive new search released this Thursday (18th of July) states that users' loyalty to the iPhone reached its lowest point since 2011, reaching 73%. In 2017, loyalty was 92%. The survey, conducted by BankMyCell, a company that makes cell phone exchanges, says that iPhone retention fell 15% in March, compared to the same period last year. 

BankMyCell has followed 38.000 people who have switched their smartphones since October, focusing on Apple brand loyalty. The analysis followed Android and Apple users and, according to the results, 26% of people using iPhone X exchanged it for another cell phone from another brand. Meanwhile, only 7,7% of Samsung device users have switched to an iPhone. In total, 18% of people exchanged the Apple phone for a device from another brand.


However, the search result can be contested for several reasons. First, the sample size is relatively small in relation to the total market, and considers only people using the BankMyCell platform. In addition, other studies have shown the opposite: data from companies like the CIRP suggested that loyalty to iOS continued to peak. In January, CIRP said it was at 91%.

Source: BankMyCell