A Vivo announced on Tuesday afternoon that it corrected the security breach of the Meu Vivo service portal. In a press release, the company stated that after the complaint published first hand by the Olhar Digital about the exposure of the personal data of the operator's customers, “identified and neutralized a vulnerability of the portal” with the objective of guaranteeing privacy and security of the information of its customers.

The company also said it believes that the number of customers impacted by the problem is less than the 24 million people disclosed by the “WhiteHat Brasil” group. In Monday's complaint, security researchers said that number could be even higher.


"Vivo regrets what has happened and points out that it constantly reviews its security policies and procedures, in the permanent search for the strictest controls in accessing its customers' data and in combating practices that may threaten their privacy. The company reiterates that it respects privacy and transparency in its relationship with its customers".