A 38-year-old Australian man pleaded guilty to to stalk her ex-girlfriend, which included taking remote control of her car and tracking her movements using an app.

According to the newspaper The Washington Post the man used the app InControl, configured with the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number, a unique number associated with each car) of your Land Rover ex girlfriend, to monitor it. Once configured, the app allows you to start and stop the engine, adjust the internal temperature and monitor the vehicle's location in real time.


In addition, he also installed spyware, for which he paid a monthly fee, on her smartphone, which allowed him to access the victim's calendar and e-mails. The couple stayed together for just two months.

When arresting the criminal, the police found a notebook filled with personal details of the victim, including a list of places she used to attend, courses she intended to attend and models of weapons, with their respective prices.

The victim, whose name has not been released, has been working in the technology sector for 10 years. “These crimes made me feel insecure. They made me fear the technology I embraced and left me with a deep distrust of the cyber security laws and protections currently in place, now that I know they can be exploited, ”she said.

Source: ABC