Everyone has said, or at least heard someone say, that they needed a “beauty sleep”. a experiment recently carried out by biologists at the University of Manchester showed that this joke may actually be true. Having a good night's sleep replenishes collagen fibers and prepares the body to face the next day.

Collagen is the protein more abundant in the body and is responsible for the elasticity and strength of the tissues. These fibers are divided into two types: coarse and fine. The first is manufactured until the person reaches 17 years old and remains in the body for life. The second is broken during the day and replaced during the night.



Photo: Abril

Research has shown that the mechanisms of the biological clock replenish lost thin fibers and protect permanent ones. The study noted rats every four hours for two days. The scientists concluded that by removing the genes from the biological clock, the fibers mixed together. However, working correctly, what happens when sleep tight, the organism acts as it should be, with the coarse fibers remaining intact and the fine dying.

"If you imagine the bricks on the walls as the permanent part, the paint can be seen as the part that needs to be replenished every now and then," compared Karl Kadler, the study's lead author. The scientist also states that the fine fibers help to maintain “the body's matrix”. The researchers celebrated the discovery, noting that the results may imply an understanding of biology at the most fundamental level. "It can, for example, give us a deeper insight into how wounds heal or how we age," concluded Kadler.

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