According to newspaper sources The Guardian, Jeff Bezosfounder of Amazon and owner of the Washington Post, had his cell phone hacked after receiving a message from WhatsApp sent by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

Hypotheses suggest that the encrypted message sent by Mohammed bin Salman included a malicious file that infiltrated Bezos, according to the results of a forensic analysis. The conclusion further points out that it is "highly likely" that the intrusion was caused by an infected video file. Both exchanged friendly messages for WhatsApp when, on May 1, 2018, the file was sent.


O The Guardian reports that a large amount of data has been extracted from the Bezos in a few hours, although I am not aware of what was removed from the device and how this material was used.


Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi prince. Photo: See

The revelation that the future king of Saudi Arabia may have a direct involvement in the invasion of the smartphone of Bezos it can undermine the efforts of the “MBS” - as the heir is known - to attract new Western investors to Saudi Arabia. In addition to worrying members of the American high ranking.

What will also be questioned, from now on, is the way the American tabloid National Enquirer got intimate details about the private life of Bezos nine months after the alleged invasion.

In addition, there will be increased scrutiny in relation to the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, journalist for the Washington Post, in October 2018 – five months after the invasion to the newspaper's owner's telephone.

Saudi Arabia had previously denied having hacked into Bezos and insisted that the murder of the journalist was the result of a “clandestine operation”. In December, a Saudi court sentenced eight people involved in the murder after a secret trial that received criticism from human rights experts.

Start of investigation

Digital forensic experts began examining the phone Bezos after the disclosure made by the National Enquirer, details about the entrepreneur's intimate life. The story, which included an extramarital affair, sparked a major investigation to find out how the entrepreneur's messages were obtained.

While the tabloid insisted that he was informed about the case by the brother of Bezos, the billionaire team’s investigation determined that the Saudis were able to access the CEO’s phone Amazon and “got private information” about him. Authorities are still investigating the case.

Street: The Guardian