It is not uncommon for users to experience problems finding parts and accessories to repair smartphones, laptops e tablets. Thinking about ending this situation, and with premature obsolescence, the European Union intends to expand its right to repair such equipment. Last year, the continent's commission approved the rule for refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, televisions and power supplies.

The rule states that, from April 2021, manufacturers guarantee replacement parts for at least 10 years and that they can be exchanged without damage to the product. In addition to protecting the consumer, the measure aims to make the equipment last longer, increasing sustainability. The plan for smartphones and notebooks still aims to make equipment reusable, upgradeable and built with materials recycled.



“Today, our economy is still almost always linear, with only 12% of secondary materials and resources being brought back to economy. With today's plan, we launched actions to transform the way products are made and empower consumers to make choices sustainable for their own benefit and for the environment ”, highlighted the vice president of Frans Timmermans.

This is just one of the European Union's actions to reduce the electronic waste and increase sustainability. The commission also wants to facilitate the exchange of cell phone batteries, asking for the removable batteries. The project is still in the initial stage of discussion and will need to be approved by all countries that form the continental bloc.

Street: Techcrunch