A Sony last Thursday (16), made available the update 7.50 of the firmware of the Playstation 4. What was supposed to be just another routine update to improve the stability of the console system, however, has become the target of complaints from users of the Reddit, according to the video game website VG247.

The reports point to problems mainly with the startup of Playstation 4. Many users claim that after performing the download for free After the update, their consoles started to restart on their own, so that video games are activated and deactivated quickly. There are no opportunities for users to interfere to resolve the issue.


Others say that the console even stays on, but does not transmit any type of signal and the screens of the monitors remain without any image, even after successive reboots.

System error

In addition, some players still encounter error code SU-42118-6. This is a known system error, which is not specific to the new update, and prevents the consul install the update. According to VG247, however, user exposures point out that the error code may be related to defects in the BlueRay player, since some report failures in reading discs and even the inability to eject CDs.


“I downloaded the update, now my disk drive is not working. I had a DVD and was reading very well, but after I downloaded the update, the PS4 doesn't even accept discs and I had to manually remove what was there… ”, says one of the complaints on Reddit.

The website also explains that the best thing to do when facing problems is to eject any disc from the console before downloading the update. Another option is to try to start the PS4 in safe mode and force the update via USB. It is worth remembering, however, that this last process can lead to data loss from the console. Have you ever had a problem with a console update?

Source: VG247