Oncologist Nelson Teich resigned from the Ministry of Health earlier this Friday (15). A press conference scheduled for this afternoon should clarify more details about his departure from command of the portfolio. The executive secretary, General Eduardo Pazuello, takes over the leadership of the agency on an interim basis.

Teich leaves office after disagreements with President Jair Bolsonaro over the Ministry of Health protocol on the use of chloroquine in the treatment of patients with Covid-19, disease caused by new coronavirus.


The folder guidelines determine the application of the substance only in patients with severe infections. This week, the former minister also declared on Twitter that the use of the drug should be done with restrictions, as it can cause side effects.

Bolsonaro, on the other hand, advocates extending the protocol to patients with mild symptoms of Covid-19. In the morning, the president said that the Ministry of Health would change the chloroquine application protocol today. He mentioned the support of a technical note published by the Federal Council of Medicine that allows the prescription of the substance even in mild cases of the disease.

“The protocol must be changed today because the Federal Council of Medicine says it can use it from the beginning. It is the patient's right. The doctor at the end of the line is a slave to the protocol. If he uses something other than what is there and the patient has some complications, he can be sued ”, said the president.

Treatment with chloroquine

A chloroquine, like other drugs, is being tested as a possible treatment for Covid-19 in several countries. However, scientific studies have not yet gathered enough evidence to prove its effectiveness in fighting the disease.

Nelson Teich's departure comes less than a month after his predecessor Luiz Henrique Mandetta left office due to disagreements with the Planalto.