O Google decided to reveal to the public its new speaker integrated with Google Assistant after the product was leaked in images of approval by the FCC, an organ equivalent to Anatel in the United States. The product will abandon the characteristic format to adopt a look that somewhat resembles the Home Max, but in a smaller size.

The device must also leave behind the Google Home brand to follow the nomenclature that has been adopted in other products in the line. For two years, the company has used the name “Nest” in its products for the connected home, as with the Nest Mini, the only one in the family to be formally launched in Brazil.


Google's revelation came just as a teaser, a short video showing the speaker in operation. It is not possible to deduce much about the device beyond its appearance, but it is possible to infer, as realize the website Android Police, that it will be able to connect to other similar devices for stereo playback, as is already possible with other Google Home and Nest devices.

The launch of a replacement for Google Home has been expected for some time. The first version of the device was launched in 2016 and four years is a very long time span within the technology industry. Companies often update their devices at an annual rate, and it's a surprise that the first version has lasted for so long. The speaker is also already sold out in stores, which was also a clear sign that the company no longer intends to produce it.

It is not the first time that Google decides to give a "taste" of a new product after the leak of the information. The company did the same thing with the Pixel 4 shortly after the first pre-launch photos of the smartphone began to circulate.

One explanation for this behavior is the need to control the message about the launch. Photos leaked through certifications with regulatory agencies are invariably taken without care, and may give the wrong impression on the device, or, at the very least, a different impression than what Google would like to give.


The trend is for the formal presentation of the Google Home replacement to be made in October, when the company usually hosts the Made By Google event, in which the company's hardware news is presented. With the coronavirus crisis, it is possible that plans are a little messy, but so far there is no indication of changes in plans.