Have you thought about getting to know one of the most beautiful landscapes in Asia and still earn R $ 15 thousand? This can happen if you go to Uzbekistan and get infected by the new coronavirus during the trip. Because, according to the Insider, the country's government is willing to shell out $ 3 for lucky - or unlucky - travelers as part of its new campaign to boost local tourism. 

The “Safe Travel Guaranteed” decree was signed last month by the president of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev. The project seeks to reassure potential travelers and catapult the economy, which has been undermined by the emergence of the new coronavirus. 


According to estimates, the amount covers all medical expenses for the treatment of Covid-19 in the country. Uzbekistan has reported 26 coronavirus cases and 163 deaths. The country has 32 million inhabitants. 

"We want to assure tourists that our country is safe," says Sophie Ibbotson, the country's tourism ambassador. She also says that the government is so confident about the new safety and hygiene measures implemented, that it is willing to pay the amount in case of contagion of any tourist. "If you catch coronavirus while on tour in Uzbekistan, we will make it up to you!" 

However, to receive the amount it is mandatory that tourists visit the country in the company of a tour guide. In addition, all tours taken by visitors and guides must comply with the new government safety and hygiene orders. That is, it will only be allowed to visit authorized establishments, spaces and accommodations.

The country has already announced that its doors are open to visitors from low-risk regions for the new coronavirus, such as China, Japan, South Korea and Israel. However, according to the Lonely Planet, tourists from Europe or the UK must be quarantined for the first two weeks of travel. The measure certainly also applies to Brazilians.

Street: Insider