With the pandemic of the new coronavirus, our consumption habits have changed: each time we go to an establishment for essential purchases, we make sure to buy alcohol gel, antibacterial soap, disinfectant and disposable masks. But have you thought about spending another R $ 3 on a simple mask? According to the Bright, this is not crazy, but a fashion trend in Europe. 

Recently, the global fashion research platform released the report for the last semester with a surprise: a mask reached the podium, taking second place, second only to a pair of slippers from the German Birkenstock. Even more surprising is the price of the item: the X R-Pur mask model, from the French brand Marine Serre, can be found on the international market for a trifle of US $ 575 (about R $ 3 thousand). 



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According to the report, demand for the item grew by up to 441% compared to the first quarter of this year. 

Anatomy of a mask

Although the increase in demand and the exorbitant price of the piece is justified by the popularity among the famous ones (which include singers Beyoncé, Dua Lipa and influencer Kylie Jenner), it is likely that the ambitious design of the piece is the main agent that influences its value . 

With five layers, the R-PUR masks are able to protect anyone from polluting agents, including gases, pollen and other toxic particles. In addition, through a valve that extracts hot air inside, the user is able to practice physical exercises without changes in their breathing. Completing the list of attributes of the item, the mask can be monitored by an application that indicates its wear for replacement. 

Among the pieces researched for the men's wardrobe, the Off-White masks reached the top. During research conducted during the first half of the year, the result was the same. At the time, the website stated that the high demand for the item was a direct impact of the new coronavirus pandemic.

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