Since the United States government has increased pressure upward on the Huawei, the Chinese manufacturer has been looking for alternatives to not rely so much on North American partners on its products. And one of the actions that have been taken by the company is the creation of a new operating system for its devices, with the objective of leaving the Android, I Google, beside.

Now the CEO of Huawei's consumer products division, Yu Chengdong, has confirmed that one of the company's next releases will already run the new system. This is the Huawei Smart Watch, which will be equipped with the operating system called HarmonyOS.


Despite not having details on how the platform will work, Huawei confirmed that it plans to implement it also on computers, cell phones, tablets and IoT devices. The idea, according to Chengdong, is to transform HarmonyOS into a “worldwide operating system” in the future. That is, it will not be restricted to Chinese launches.


HarmonyOS, the new system from Huawei. disclosure

Huawei confirmed the development of HarmonyOS in 2019, and at the time said that the operating system would have open source code, in addition to being adaptable for several different types of devices.

Largest cell phone manufacturer in the world

Huawei recently outperformed samsung and became the biggest cell phone seller on the planet. In the second quarter of 2020, the Chinese left the Korean rival behind, with 55 million smartphones sold in the period, compared to 53,7 million from Samsung.

Leadership, however, may not last long. The difference in cell phone sales is mainly concentrated in China, which is already in full post-pandemic recovery from Covid-19.

China accounts for 70% of Huawei's sales. Samsung, on the other hand, has a modest share in the Asian country, being stronger in other parts of the world that still suffer the consequences of the pandemic. The trend, therefore, is for Samsung to recover in the coming months, and to outperform Huawei again.

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