Last Thursday (6), two profiles from the site Reddit reported a phenomenon, let's say, curious. Users reported unusual notifications received by the Google Home because of “external noises”. According to Google, the signaling was caused by a “recent software update”. 

It all started when the user Brazedowl reported that he received a notification from Google advising him of the triggering of his fire alert. According to him, his cell phone informed him that the smoke detector in his house had triggered, indicating that, probably, his cell phone's operating system was able to hear the signal. "Google just made my smoke detectors a lot cooler!", He wrote.


ma7A0oe.jpgNotifications received on the social network user's cell phone. Credits: Reproduction / Reddit

Brazedowl reported that he was at home cooking when he received the alert. Surprised, he communicated on the social network that he had no idea that his device's smart speaker would be able to identify other sound frequencies. A second user, ElectricalJigalo, commented that he was also receiving notifications due to unusual noises in his home. 

Both have the Google Home device, which can activate functions of electronic devices interconnected to Google Nest, such as turning on or off the light intensity, changing temperature, activating devices, among others. However, activation only happens through specific voice commands, such as “Ok, Google” or “Hey, Google”. 

In the case of users, the activation of Google Nest Aware Home Security, an exclusive program for subscribers, had its extra support activated for the detection of critical sounds. Depending on how the software works, Nest speakers and monitors can notify a user when a critical sound is detected, by sending an alert to App Home, which requires a subscription. 

However, Google Home users who do not subscribe to the extra monitoring may come up with a negative response to the "surprise" notifications. According to a Google spokesman, “a recent software update ended up activating these alerts on some of our speakers that did not have a subscription. However, we have already fixed this problem ”.

Either way, it also shows how useful Google speakers can be when it comes to home security, and can alert users to unexpected dangers or intruders in the home.
Street: Reddit