A Intel announced on Wednesday (2) the 11th generation of processors in the Intel Core family, codenamed Tiger Lake. There are 9 models designed for use in notebooks, ranging from Core i3 to Core i7, and will be used on partner machines like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer and Samsung, among others.

The new processors run at up to 4,89 GHz and have integrated GPUs based on the X graphics architecturee, also developed by Intel. According to the company, it also has “industry-leading AI performance” and support for technologies such as Thunderbolt 4 e Wi-Fi 6.



11th Generation Intel Core Processors, codenamed Tiger Lake. Photo: Intel

Graphics performance is one of the highlights of this generation, with Intel reinforcing the fact that it is possible to have a good gaming experience at 1080p on a thin and light notebook, even without a traditional dedicated GPU. Compared to notebooks equipped with rival processors AMD, or 10th generation Intel Core processors and Nvidia GPUs, models with the 11th generation Intel Core had graphics performance up to 2x higher in games like Grid and Gears Tactics.

Intel Evo

The 11th generation Intel Core processors and associated technologies are the key points of the second generation of “Athena Project“, Which Intel presents as an evolution of the notebook with thin and light designs, and features designed to maximize the day-to-day user experience.


Stamp identifying notebooks based on the Intel Evo platform. Image: Intel

According to Gregory Bryant, Executive Vice President of Intel's Client Computing Group, the new notebook platform, now renamed Intel Evo, was designed based on “thousands of hours” of user surveys, with more than 25 tests created to measure device performance and response in everyday situations, not lab scenarios.

The company claims that all laptops with the Intel Evo seal "wake up" in 1 second, and have battery life of up to 9 hours of typical use on models with Full HD screens, with a fast charge system that adds enough power to 4 hours of use with just 30 minutes plugged in.


Motherboard for a laptop based on the Intel Evo platform. Small size allows more space for battery, with promised autonomy in up to 9 hours. Photo: Intel.

"From productivity and content creation to entertainment and games, when you choose a system based on an 11th Generation Intel Core - especially one of the new Intel Evo designs - you know you're getting the best possible experience on a laptop," said Bryant .

According to Intel, more than 20 models certified for the Intel Evo platform will be on the market later this year.