The Rocket League game, in which you play a game of football with cars, it is an absolute success. And if it depends on the developer Psyonix, the number of users should increase from September 23, the date when the game will finally become free by the Epic Games Store.

However, game fans who have a Xbox One will need to be subscribers Xbox Live Gold to access online multiplayer mode. The players of Nintendo Switch ou PlayStation 4, you won't need to subscribe to Switch Online or PlayStation Plus for this.


The transition, which begins this Wednesday (16th), will work as follows. An update will be released so that players can link their progress to an account epic Games. After that, it will be possible to access items already unlocked in the game on any platform. 

Those who do download for free of the game until October 23 will still receive a $ 10 coupon to use in the store, provided the purchase costs more than $ 14,99. In addition, you will receive some items in the game as a bonus for accessing it for the first time.

Fall Guys gets surprise update

Another absolute success of the games is the recently released Fall Guys. In just 24 hours, there were already 1,5 million players and, in less than a month, seven million copies were sold on Steam. However, playing with some frequency, some maps become quite easy, especially after understanding the operation of the phase.

To solve this problem, Mediatonic revealed a mid-season surprise update. In it, some maps will have minor changes. An example of this is the "Infernal Gates" phase, which will suffer from changes in the pattern of opening and closing doors. With few rounds on the map, it was possible to get the hang of it and cross it without major problems.

Street: Engadget