A Motorola and Lenovo will share the launch of the same device, but in different markets around the world. That's right. Lenovo, which bought Motorola in 2014, will launch the smartphone economical model XT2091 now as a product of the brand itself, now as a product of Motorola. The existence of the device was confirmed by Federal Communications Commission (FCC, in the acronym in English) of the United States, by the European Economic Community (EEC, also in the acronym in English) and by TÜV Rheinland, German certification body.

According to the FCC, the XT2091 will be issued under two registers: the XT2091-3, from Motorola, and the XT2091-8, from Lenovo. The episode is very similar to what happened with the two manufacturers when, in September this year, the Moto G9 Play hi renamed and released by Lenovo as K12 Note. It is likely that one of the XT2091 models is also part of the line Moto G9.



XT2091 image registered on the FCC certification authority's website. Image: FCC / Reproduction

According to the Indian smartphone site MySmartPrime, it will be the Moto G9 Power, as EEC and TÜV Rheinland revealed that the device has a very powerful 6.000 mAh battery and supports fast charging of 22,5 watts. For Lenovo, it can come to the fore as K12 Note.

In addition, according to the image of the back of the smartphone that can be found on the FCC website, the XT2091 will present with a triple camera and a fingerprint sensor.



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