With two new devices on the national market, Motorola introduced the Edge line, the first in Brazil compatible with 5G¹² technology, in July this year. The premium device family has two versions: Edge + and Edge, both with promise of high performance due to the embedded Snapdragon processor and with curved screen on the sides.

In addition to compatibility with the 5G¹² network, one of the highlights of the Motorola Edge line is its distinctive design. The OLED screens of the devices have curved edges on the sides. Interestingly, as another innovation in a premium smartphone, Motorola equips the Edge line with protection against accidental touch. This prevents the user from sliding through a menu or selecting something by mistake by touching the curved edges of the display.

Incidentally, Motorola added some functionality to the curved edge screen. For example, when you slide your finger up on the edge, you can access recently accessed applications; when swiping down, the latest notifications are displayed.

The ergonomics of the curved screen

The main advantage of a curved edge screen is that it makes the phone comfortable in the hand. The rounded glass and the 21: 9 ratio, fits perfectly in the palm of the hand offering greater ergonomics.


Motorola Edge and Motorola Edge + are comfortable in the hand as they fit perfectly

The feel of the device in your hands is a frequently overlooked metric for evaluating a smartphone. In this case, Motorola scores points with the new Edge line.

Special gaming tools

Who likes to play on the smartphone, certainly consider buying a device that does not lock while using. But not all gamers-specific phones are good for anything.
Motorola Edge and Edge +, due to their specifications, can be used for various purposes without concern.

Still, for mobile game lovers, the device's screen curvature, along with the gametime mode offered by Motorola, can be configured, for example, to function as digital triggers. Thus, the player can touch the edges to perform actions in the game. An innovative way to bring gamers functions to a device that is not predominantly aimed at gamers.


Motorola Edge smartphones offer great gaming performance

Motorola edge
The Motorola Edge has Snapdragon 765 chipset. In addition, it has 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB³ of internal storage, 4.500 mAh battery with TurboPower ™ charger that can last up to two days away4 and a headset.

With a triple camera system with a 64 MP main sensor, as well as a telephoto and another ultra-wide hybrid camera that allows you to frame up to 4 times more of the scene and macro mode to get closer to 5 times more of the person or object. The smartphone also has stereo sound.

Motorola Edge +
The most complete version of the line, the Motorola Edge +, has the main camera sensor with 108 MP of resolution, has the Snapdragon 865 processor, GPU Adreno 650, 256 GB³ of internal storage, 12 GB of RAM and stereo sound.

Model Thunder Gray 256GB
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Model Solar Black 128gb
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Model Midnight Red 128gb
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¹ Requires SIM (chip) 5G enabled. Consult the operator about the availability of the data plan, the price and the available coverage area.
² Motorola edge +, Motorola's top-of-the-line smarthone, is ready for the future. It is compatible with 5G technology already available in Canada, Mexico and some European countries. In Brazil, it will work on the future frequency of 5G technology that will still be auctioned and implemented in the country.
³ The indicated capacity corresponds to the total (raw) unformatted memory. The internal storage capacity available to the user is less.
All battery life information is estimates and is based on a regular user tested on a mixed usage profile (which includes usage and standby time) under optimal network conditions. Actual battery performance can vary and depends on many factors, such as signal strength, device and network settings, temperature, battery condition and usage patterns.