A Amazon just launched its new electric van for deliveries, designed and built by Rivian, one of the main automakers of electric vehicles.

This is the first of three electric van models designed by Jeff Bezos' company, after a $ 700 million investment in Rivian in February. In total, the company has already ordered 100 thousand units.


In a promotional video, the delivery company shows details of the interior and brief reports from its employees.

Inside, at the rear of the vehicle, intended for cargo, there are three shelves to accommodate boxes and other orders. In addition, it has a camera system that allows 360 degree vision: the images are transmitted to the two monitors that are on the cabin panel. Deliverers will still have the company of Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant, who will inform them about weather conditions and routes. Previously the company noted that electric vans would be on the streets from 2021.

Zero carbon

The Bezos company’s goal is to place 2022 customized electric delivery vehicles on roads around the world by 100; 2030 by XNUMX. These numbers also include some e-cargo bikes in New York and electric rickshaws in India. The objective is to achieve neutrality in carbon 2040 up.

Panel with two monitors connected to the camera system. Image: Amazon / Disclosure

Despite being positive news for the environment, the electric van, unfortunately, should first reach developed countries only.

This Thursday (3), the Hyundai delivered the first of its hydrogen fuel cell trucks to commercial customers in Switzerland. Recently, Toyota also presented its plans for a similar vehicle, whose prototype will be ready next year.

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