New Disney + app causes revolt in Brazilians

Redaction December 11th, 2020

Disney + has not yet completed a month in Brazil and we already have the announcement that a new streaming from the company will arrive soon. It was announced yesterday that the company will launch Star +, with films and series focused on adult audiences and with sports content.

One detail, however, generated much debate on social networks. While in Europe and in countries like Japan, for example, the service will be integrated directly with Disney +; In Latin America, the option was to launch Star +, which will be totally independent.


The decision did not please Brazilian Internet users much. The outrage was motivated by the fact that Brazilians and residents of other countries on the continent will have to pay for two services, while other locations would only need to maintain a single plan.

The values ​​of the new streaming have not yet been released. What we do know is that Star + arrives in “in many markets” on February 23, 2021 and in Latin America, a little later, in June 2021.