The next flagship of the Motorola is close to hitting retail shelves. Some information about the device - which has yet to be named - has been confirmed by the general manager of Lenovo's mobile division in China, Chen Jing. Through the Chinese microblog Weibo, Jing declared that Motorola's next smartphone "may arrive earlier than expected".

However, the executive did not reveal any official date for the launch of the gadget. Jing just confirmed that it is a high-end device, full of features that should attract the attention of consumers.


Motorola 'Nio'

Although information about the new Motorola device is still somewhat limited, the company is already on Qualcomm's list to receive the newest SoC of the moment, the powerful Snapdragon 888. In other words, everything indicates that the company's next launch may come equipped with the most powerful chipset in the segment in 2021.

Motorola edge
Motorola Edge Plus was Motorola's last flagship in 2020. Image: MonicaZ82 / Shutterstock

It is worth remembering that the last flagship of the company was the Motorola Edge Plus, launched in April 2020 in international retail. The gadget, in its most basic version, arrived in Brazil in November and stands out for its support 5G connection. The Plus variant stands out for the presence of the Snapdragon 865 chipset, one of the most powerful within the mobile device segment. The main sensor of 108 MP and the battery of 5,000 mAh are also featured in the list of specifications of the device.

While the brand's next top of the line is not revealed, the successor to the Edge Plus should be the 'Motorola Nio', also equipped with the Snapdragon 865 chip. The device should come with a triple set of cameras on the rear, plus two variants with different amounts of RAM and internal storage capacity. The screen with a refresh rate of 105 Hz has everything to be successful among gamers on duty.

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Chipset with power to spare

The numbers reveal that the new Snapdragon 888 chip can deliver up to 25% extra performance compared to its predecessor. In addition to raw processing power, rendering graphics like games and heavier applications also follows the trend of 25% extra power.

The new chipset will also come equipped with Qualcomm's 5G 'X60' modem. Compatible with other frequencies on the mobile network, the modem promises to reach a maximum connection bandwidth of up to 7.5 Gbps. Not bad, huh?

Other smartphones that arrive at retail with the SoC Snapdragon 888 are the Xiaomi Mi 11 and Galaxy S21.

Source: Tech Times/News 18