Find out who got online on WhatsApp

Redaction 4 January 2021

Want to know who got online on WhatsApp without accessing the chat screen? Your problems are over!

With the help of a Chrome extension and an online service, thanks to WhatsApp Web, you can find out who got online on the service without having to open conversation screens all the time.


But beware: the tool is not considered official and may pose risks to your privacy. If you are in doubt about how it works and how your data is treated, you can check its source code which is available on Github.

O Olhar Digital tested the extension and the procedure below on two computers and cell phones and found no problems in its operation.

Despite this, for everything to work correctly it is necessary to leave WhatsApp Web open in the browser. So, want to check the step by step? It's all on the website Olhar Digital!