A Amazon Prime Video since it was launched in Brazil it has been successful because of its series and other exclusive productions and, to stay on top, of course, it already has many news planned for 2021. So, for you to stay on top of its news, it is a good idea to check out what are the launches of Amazon Prime for January.

In the first month of the year, the biggest highlight is the arrival of the third season of “American Gods”, Who focuses on Moon needing to act as Mr. Wednesday's bodyguard while traveling in the United States. Next, check out the full list of Amazon Prime Video releases for January.



The titles listed below may change on their release date without prior notice from Amazon Prime Video.

Releases from Amazon Prime Video: Series

Supernatural - 15th season (Out now)

One of the most famous series available in the Amazon Prime Video catalog received a new season this month. In it, you accompany Sam Winchester, who is forced to work with his brother instead of getting rid of the family business as he had planned.

The Stand - 1st season (Now available on Channel Starzplay)

Series shows a world that has been affected by lethal viruses and humanity depending on Mother Abaigail, a 108-year-old woman and survivors battling the Man in Black.

American Gods - season 3 .

In the third season of this original Amazon Prime Video production, you see Moon needing to act as Mr. Wednesday's bodyguard during a trip across the United States.

Henry Danger - 2nd and 3rd season (15/01 on Channel Paramount +)

Series produced by Nicklodeon shows the life of the boy Henry Hart, who gets the job of his dreams as the helper of superhero Captain Man.

La Jauría - 1st season .

This new original production from Amazon Prime Video is a thriller that shows the mysterious disappearance of a young woman named Blanca and the search for her.

3 paths (22/01)

Series shows the path that five friends of different nationalities have taken in life in different years and times.

Releases from Amazon Prime Video: Movies

Elizabeth (Now available on Channel Starzplay)

Drama shows the story of Queen Elizabeth Tudor, who reigned over England during the XNUMXth century.

The Poison Rose (Available now)

A former football player decides to work as a private detective after retiring and needs to solve the mystery of a disappearance, which is linked to several murders.

The Secrets We Keep (Available now)

Film shows the story of the couple Maja and Lewis trying to rebuild their lives in the United States after World War II.

10 hours for Christmas (07/01)

With only 10 hours to go before Christmas, brothers Julia, Miguel and Bia will do everything to bring the family and their parents together on this special date so they will not be monotonous.

The Assistant .

After getting the job she always dreamed of as the assistant to a major film producer, Jane (Julia Garner) discovers that the world she imagined ends up being quite different in practice.

herself .

Film shows the difficulties of a single mother living with her two children after fleeing an abusive relationship with her husband.