A Mercedes-Benz presented the MBUX Hyperscreen, a gigantic screen that will be the central point of interaction between the driver and his future electric sedan. With 1 meter and 40 centimeters in length, it combines sensors, cameras, OLED panels and a powerful computer in a single piece, functioning at the same time as the instrument panel, navigation and entertainment system of the EQS.

According to the automaker, Hyperscreen is "visually impressive, radically easy to use and extremely eager to learn". The most important options for vehicle control are accessible directly from the main interface screen, without the driver having to enter submenus, what the company calls zero layer navigation

MBUX Hyperscreen panel
MBUX Hyperscreen instrument section. Image: Mercedes-Benz

The software adapts to the user, learning his preferences (such as when he turned on the heating or when he lifted the suspension) and offering personalized suggestions for entertainment, comfort and control of the car.

This does not only apply to the driver: it is possible to create up to seven individual passenger profiles, each with personalized suggestions. The automaker makes a point of remembering that entertainment functions are only available when there is a passenger on board, to avoid driver distraction.

Hyperscreen has 12 actuators to offer tactile response to user commands, a multifunctional camera and lighting sensor to adjust the image brightness to the ambient conditions and is controlled by a computer with 8 cores and 24 gigabytes of RAM.

“MBUX Hyperscreen is both the brain and the nervous system of the car,” says Sajjad Khan, Chief Technology Officer (CTO, Chief Technical Officer) and member of the board of directors of Mercedes-Benz AG. “MBUX Hyperscreen continuously learns about the user and delivers a personalized operation and entertainment experience before the user even has to click a button or scroll through any screen”.


The automaker claims that the Mercedes-Benz EQS will be available in 2021. MBUX Hyperscreen will be an optional feature, with an undisclosed price.

Source: ELECTrek