O Signal is a messaging app with a focus on privacy. The app became known for being used by figures like Edward Snowden and the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. It is available for several platforms, including iOS. To learn how to download and install Signal on your iPhone, check out the tutorial below.

At the beginning of the year, even Comissão Europeia it even asked its members to migrate to the app. The goal was to increase communications security. “We cannot read your messages or listen to your calls, and no one else can. Privacy is not an optional mode - it is simply how Signal works, ”says the app.


Free software and open source, the tool has Encryption end-to-end and uses the device's data connection, without the expense of SMS or MMS. Signal lets you send text messages and files, make audio or video calls and create group chats.

To learn how to download, install and use Signal on iPhone, check out the walkthrough below.


The iPhone app requires iOS version 11.0 of the system or higher, more than 157 MB of free space and that the user is over 12 years old. Signal is free.

How to Download Signal on iPhone

1. Access the Signal download. Or, on your iPhone, go to App Store and in the search bar look for “Signal”. The app appears as “Signal - Private Messenger”

2. Then click on “get” and the download will start. You may need to confirm your Apple ID by digital, face recognition (Face ID) or password to authorize the transfer of the app

3. After the download is complete, click "open" or, on the phone's home screen, tap the app icon


Signal's application also brings voice and video calls. Image: App Store / Playback

Installation and Permissions

The first screen to be displayed by the app is the one with the link to access the Terms & Privacy Policy. This can be an important point for those looking for Signal with a focus on privacy and security.

1. Click on the terms to read the conditions of use of the app

2. To accept and proceed with the registration, just click on “Continue”


Signal's privacy policy can also be accessed through the App Store or on the app's website. Image: Signal / Reproduction

The app will then ask the user to enable permissions.

3. The iPhone will ask if the user wants to allow Signal to have access to contacts. This can make it easier to find acquaintances who already use the tool. Select "Do not allow" or "Ok"

4. The user then chooses whether to receive notifications from the application (such as alerts for new messages, updates on conversations). Select "Do not allow" or "Allow"


Notification permissions or access to contacts can be revoked later by users. Image: Signal / Reproduction 


To proceed with the registration, the user must enter a phone number.

1. Select the country of origin and enter the number with DDD. Click “Next”

2. A verification code will be sent to the number. Enter the code on the screen that will appear next. The iPhone can display a notification with the option to click on the code directly, which will be auto-completed. Then, your profile edit screen will appear


You must register an active phone number to use Signal. Image: Signal / Reproduction

3. Next, the user must enter a first name (mandatory step to register) and a last name (which is optional)

4. Then, you can choose an image from the device's library or take a photo with the camera. To do this, click on the picture of a camera

5. Click “Save” when you are finished filling out your profile


Signal "is not linked to any major technology company", as highlighted on its website. Image: Signal / Reproduction


Signal requests the creation of a PIN, which must be at least 4 characters long and can be alphanumeric. According to the app, the PIN is a way to keep the user's information encrypted in the tool and is requested in case it is necessary to recover this data.

1. Enter the chosen PIN and click “Next”

2. The user will need to enter the number again to confirm. Click “Next”

3. The app will display a warning about the possibility of finding devices for transferring data to another device. The user who wants to transfer the account to a new device must click "Ok"


Signal development takes place through financing and donations from users. Image: Signal / Reproduction

Using the app

1. To use the app, just click its icon on the iPhone screen

2. The function of starting a conversation is available by clicking on a pencil icon

3. The configuration options are visible when you press the profile photo


"There are no ads, no affiliate marketers, no bizarre tracking on Signal," says the app's website. Image: Signal / Reproduction

Ready! Now you know how to download and install Signal on your iPhone. Just start using it to chat with your friends!