After the announcement of the new privacy policies of WhatsApp, many users have decided that the time has come to look for a new messenger. Among the various options, we have Telegram, Wire, Viber, Signal and Wickr. It is the latter that we will talk about next.

Wickr is a messenger focused on the security of your data. The application ensures that your conversations are not monitored, tracked or passed through any server. It is impossible to even capture the screen with Wickr open - the result is a black image, with no information.

Wickr deletes your messages automatically. Image: igor moskalenko / Shutterstock

After a period of six days, messages are automatically deleted, that is, they are not stored on any server. The app has multilayer encryption, and allows you to create groups of up to ten people. In addition, you can choose how long messages will expire, include stickers in images, and more.

It is possible to do voice calls and fully encrypted video, as well as send audios. However, the app is in English only.

How to install Wickr

Wickr is available for both Android how much for iOS. First, download the application.

Then, open Wickr and click on “Create account”. After accepting the terms of use, you only need to choose a username and password. The app does not require any phone number or email to register.


After creating your user, choose whether you want to add a phone number or allow Wickr to access your contact list, so you can find your friends more easily. All of this is optional, so you can just skip these steps.

Finally, the application offers a short tutorial for new users, and from there, just chat safely with your friends.