A concept of electric drone with vertical rise and fall was one of the novelties presented by GM at CES 2021. If it ever hits the market, the vehicle will allow users to fly around alone - and still under the Cadillac brand.

It is the first time that the brand presents a flying vehicle. Michael Simcoe, GM's global design leader, says this is a concept suited to the needs of time and convenience. According to him, advances in autonomous and electrical technologies should make individual air travel possible.


The drone has a 90 KWh electric motor that sends power to four rotors. For now, only drawings and animations of the model have been shown, but if the real looks as in the images, it will be surprising. Not many technical details have been reported, much less a production schedule or market launch.

In addition to taking the passenger to their destination, the individual drone is equipped with air-to-air and air-to-ground communication equipment. And that's not all: according to Simcoe, there are already other concepts ready to be built. One is a luxurious model with two seats.

Like the drone from GM it is still a concept, it is not known if it will reach the production line. It shows, however, that the automaker apparently intends to invest in these technologies and thinks about a future centered on electrification, autonomous vehicles and connected cars.

Sony professional drone

Another drone appeared at CES 2021 by Sony. It is the Airpeak, a professional equipment with four propellers. According to Sony, the equipment is aimed at the film and audiovisual industry.

Sony Airpeak professional drone
Airpeak is Sony's professional drone. Photo: disclosure

Airpeak can carry a professional camera and the images captured will not suffer damage from stability. Sales of the device are expected to begin in the first half of 2021, but the official date and price have not been released.