In last days, WhatsApp started to show its users the new privacy policy of the app. In the midst of some changes, a detail caught the attention of the new rules: the mandatory sharing of messenger data with the Facebook, Instagram e Messenger.  

It is not yet known how these data will be shared, but there is a question, called solution providers, which can help to understand this doubt.


This feature is a way for companies to read, store and manage messages received from customers. This is at the heart of the new terms.  

From now on, the Facebook it will be like a solution provider for some business accounts. According to WhatsApp itself, this tool helps to provide the necessary “to send and receive messages. Some of the services provided by these solution providers include reading, storing and responding to messages on behalf of the company. ” 

“Some companies will be able to choose Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp, to store and respond to customer messages securely. Facebook will not automatically use your messages to display the targeted ads you see, but companies will be able to use conversations with you for marketing purposes, including Facebook ads, ”says the social network in a post explaining the concept of a solution provider. 

Advertising targeting

Although Facebook cannot use the data to target advertising, companies can use the information for that purpose. Photo: Rafapress / Shutterstock

As mentioned, companies still may use this data to improve ad targeting, based on their own privacy policy. This is possible because these entrepreneurs will have the option to store this information to improve their marketing direction.


To find out if a business account uses the Facebook as a solution provider, a message will be displayed every time a chat is started for the first time with a company. If users do not trust the practice, it is possible to interrupt the conversation at any time.  

According to Will Cathcart, head of WhatsApp, these changes will only be for commercial accounts. The practice "does not affect the way people communicate privately with friends or family," he says.  

For anyone who was concerned about the security of chats, calls, status and location within the messenger, good news: they will continue to be encrypted and will stay between the parties involved in the conversation - except if that information is exchanged with a business account that uses the solution provider. 

Street: BetaInfo