CES 2021: Bluetooth speaker attaches to shower for “eternal” battery

Redaction 12 January 2021

CES 2021 brought something new that should please music fans, especially those who like to listen to a sound while taking a shower.

The technology company Ampare announced Shower Power, a bluetooth speaker designed to be used while bathing and that draws its energy directly from running water, without needing battery recharges.


The device can be adjusted in the shower and, according to the company, it takes less than a minute to install: just detach the shower nozzle, screw on the speaker, and that's it: the user can now enjoy his sound.

The Shower Power has playback control buttons and there is also the option of using a waterproof remote control for those who are not tall enough to reach the shower.

The device is pre-sold for US $ 80, just over R $ 430, and scheduled for delivery this May.