CES 2021: Lenovo launches AR glasses for Motorola phones

Redaction 12 January 2021

Lenovo launched a new product at CES 2021 for its ThinkReality smart device line.

Focused on the corporate segment, ThinkReality A3 can be used for 3D and augmented reality applications.


To work, the device must be connected to a Windows PC or a Motorola smartphone with a processing chip from the Snapdragon 800 family.

Unlike the A6, the device's first generation, the A3 adopts a look closer to a traditional pair of glasses.

In addition, the ThinkReality A3 has a processing chip from Qualcomm, specially designed for mixed and virtual reality headsets.

One of the highlights of the accessory is the possibility of enabling up to five virtual monitors with 1080p resolution.


The gadget also has an 8 MP camera sensor that records videos in full-HD and two other dedicated fisheye lenses to scan objects and rooms in real time.

The headset can be used in factories, laboratories, retail and even in hospitals, scenarios where work space and privacy are generally limited.

As it is a product aimed at the corporate world, Lenovo has not revealed the final price of its new smart glasses.

The device is expected to be available in selected markets by mid-2021.