CES 2021: smart lamp allows you to monitor fragile residents

Redaction 12 January 2021

To monitor and improve the quality of life of elderly people living alone, a Belgian startup presented at CES 2021 a new smart lamp, called Nobi. The device uses artificial intelligence to detect falls and ensure speedy assistance to victims.

The device is connected to a communication system with previously defined safety contacts. For example, when the system detects a fall, it asks if the person has fallen. If the answer is “yes”, it sends the programmed alerts: it can be just the accident information, abstract images or better resolution photos.


The lamp also has an integrated microphone. This allows someone in the family, a caregiver or the emergency services to talk to the person until help arrives at the home.

The device has four RGB sensors and, in dark environments, uses infrared light to observe the location. In addition, it can detect fires, thefts and monitor air quality.

Initially, the device will recognize the resident's activities and show them in an application. In the future, she will be able to identify patterns on her own and synchronize with calendars to warn of times when taking medication or taking a walk, for example.

The price, however, is still not very inviting: the system can cost from US $ 2.499, or more than R $ 13 thousand. There is also a monthly payment of US $ 19, just over R $ 100. The total amount will vary according to the size of the house where the system will be installed.