CES 2021: robotic pets promise to win your heart

Redaction 12 January 2021

Not even pets are safe from the advancement of technology. Some options for robotic pets equipped with artificial intelligence were presented during the CES 2021, Consumer Electronics Show.

The idea is to offer the same emotional connection and health benefits as a real pet, without the risk of allergies or having to deal with walks and the litter box.


A novelty this year is Moflin, which can be described as a “hairy sausage”. Without arms, legs, ears, nose or mouth, he snuggles into the hands of the owner and makes noises like a kitten.

The robotic pet has a battery with autonomy of eight hours of operation, and the hair is removable and washable.

An artificial intelligence system allows each Moflin to develop a unique personality, in response to the way it is treated by the owner. The bug will go on sale in the second quarter of this year, for $ 400, or almost $ 2.200.

You can find other options for cute robots on our website: olhadigital.com.br.