Hackers lock chastity belt and demand ransom payment

Redaction 12 January 2021

Hackers took advantage of a security breach in a male chastity belt connected to the Internet to try to extort money from users.

Produced by a Chinese company called Qiui, Cellmate has a flaw in its communication interface, which allows a hacker to lock the device.


To make matters worse, the attack prevents the product from reacting to the unlock signals sent by a server.

According to a security researcher on the Vx Underground website, a victim received a message from a hacker saying, "Your penis is now mine!"

To regain freedom, the user of the chastity belt would have to pay a “ransom” of 0,02 Bitcoin, about R $ 3.500.

As the device was designed to lock a metal ring under the user's penis, in case of invasion, it is necessary to use cutting tools to release it, since there is no emergency function to open it.


In addition to the risk of being "stuck", the Cellmate user has sensitive information exposed such as name, conversation records and exact location.

After the alert, Qiui put a new version of the API on the air fixing most problems, but left the old version on the air.

Only new users had access to the fix, and those who already used the app were not informed that they should download an update.