The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X can significantly increase energy consumption, according to a study by the NGO Natural Resources Defense Council. The energy impact of both consoles launched in November last year by the Sony e Microsoftrespectively.

The study reveals that both PS5 and Xbox consume between 160 and 200 watts of power - slightly more than a "modern 60-inch TV to which the consoles are likely to be connected". In short, a quick game can cost you up to 400 watts - 200 for the console, 200 for the TV - something that experts do not welcome.

playstation 5 xbox series x
Xbox Series X's smart features can increase electricity consumption quickly. Image: Alex Van Aken / Shutterstock

The survey also concludes that, were it not for the technical capacity of engineers in the construction of both consoles, energy consumption would be considerably higher.

This, of course, introduces a point in favor of manufacturers: when turned off or placed in hibernation mode, both the PS5 and Xbox Series X barely reach one watt of power.

Regarding the streaming, both consoles come with pre-loaded service-type apps, allowing you to exit the game, watch a series and get back to the game with a few clicks.

This intuitive facility can be convenient to save you a few seconds, but that is not without cost. The action should require between 30 and 70 watts - or between 10 and 25 times more than devices like Apple TV or Amazon Fire Stick.

In other words, users should not forget the video game connected for nothing: “although the new Xbox from Microsoft is capable of 'pulling' less than one watt with its energy saving mode activated, the company sells its devices with the 'Instant' function On 'triggered by default ”, says an excerpt from the study.

playstation 5 xbox series x
PlayStation 5 is also very demanding when it comes to energy consumption. Image: Girts Ragelis / Shutterstock

“Based on our consumption analysis model until 2025, this seemingly inconsequential decision could actually result in the equivalent of consuming one coal plant (500 megawatts) per year in generating electricity. energy, costing Xbox users in the US nearly $ 1 billion in their electricity bills, ”continues the excerpt.

The situation on the Sony side does not improve either. The study points out that the new console does not have as many intelligent power management capabilities, so management ends up causing the PlayStation 5 to suffer from sudden spikes and drops in consumption, which causes unpredictability in its spending.

Parallel study confirms high consumption of the islands

The American website Cnet he sought out specialists to assess the consumption of the new devices on his own, concluding that the damage they can bring to the environment can be really great.

According to the figures released, a single PlayStation 5 turned on for an hour, running “Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales“, Is equivalent to recharging a smartphone from 0% to 100%, 18 times.

Considering that the game has a main campaign of about 15 hours, it was concluded that if 100 thousand players completed this game mode, the carbon emission would be, on average, 230 tons. Or, in more practical terms, 45 cars being driven every year.

The study did not directly look at the numbers for the Xbox Series X, but experts surveyed by the website said that given the broad engineering similarities of both consoles, the Microsoft device would have approximate spending figures compared to the Japanese competitor.

Source: NRDC, Cnet