The Consumer Electronics Show is a fair in which companies traditionally show news for the home. With technological advancement, these products are increasingly sophisticated, but it is not just them that attract attention in the exhibition.

We separated some of the most curious ideas that paraded in this CES 2021 virtual. And many may be part of the day to day soon. Follow below!


LG Instaview

LG Instaview refrigerator has a glass door that allows you to see the interior of the appliance
LG refrigerator has voice control and glass door for observation. Photo: disclosure

Nothing like starting with an appliance. LG brought the fridge Instaview. To start, it allows you to open the door with voice commands - do you know when you have your hands busy? So. In addition, Instaview has a glass window on one of the doors to make it easier to see what's inside the refrigerator. This helps to save energy, as it eliminates the need to open the door. In the water dispenser, ultraviolet light eliminates microorganisms. And the ice produced by Instaview may come in the form of spheres - which, they say, melt more slowly. Availability and pricing were not disclosed.

Samsung's Handy Bot

Samsung robot does varied household chores and can still serve wine to the resident at the end of the day
A domestic assistant who does the most varied tasks, such as loading the dishwasher. Photo: disclosure

Still in the domestic environment, having a robot to assist is an old dream of many - more specifically since Rosie, from “The Jetsons”, brought the concept to life. Until now, they did some simple chores, but they didn't really clean up the house. At this CES 2021, Samsung presented a robot concept which recognizes objects (with a camera and computer vision) and identifies their material to determine how to get them. To demonstrate how it works, the brand showed that Bot Handy is capable of pouring a glass of wine, setting the table and even filling the dishwasher.

Shower Power, by Ampere

A bluetooth speaker to be connected to the shower. That's right! The accessory is for those who like to listen to music while taking a shower. The ingenuity is in the way the device works: it is the flow of water from the shower that guarantees the energy for the functioning of the gadgets. According to the manufacturer, it fits in any shower. It costs US $ 79 (about R $ 420) and, for those who buy in the Kickstarter campaign, it arrives in May.

Gardyn by Gardyn

Technological garden allows you to grow vegetables at home
Gardyn is a technological garden for growing vegetables at home. Photo: disclosure

Do you live in an apartment and want to grow your own vegetables? This is the proposal of Gardyn: a technological garden with artificial intelligence. The seeds come in capsules (like those from coffee machines) and the tower, which is 1,5 meters tall, can receive up to 30 different varieties. And where does artificial intelligence come in? It alerts you when plants need more water or light and when they are ready to be harvested. Price starting at US $ 899 (just over R $ 4.750).

Vespera, by Vaonis

Vespera telescope in the foreground. In the background, camping tent and landscape
While staying at home, a good hobby is watching the stars with Vespera. Photo: disclosure

Since staying at home has become a necessity, a good idea is to take the opportunity to contemplate the stars. This is what evening provides: it is a portable space observation station that combines smart telescope and camera. The device integrates with an app and allows you to save images from Space. It can be purchased for US $ 1 (almost R $ 5.300).

Petit Qoobo, from Yukai Engineering

Robot cat purrs and wags its tail
Robot cat purrs and wags its tail. Photo: disclosure

It is a smaller version of the Qoobo, presented at CES 2020. A furry pillow with a small tail, reminiscent of a cat, despite having no head and paws. O robozinho purrs and the idea is to be a companion to warm the heart like a real animal. For now, it is on sale only in Japan, for US $ 110 (approximately R $ 580).

Moflin, from Vanguard Industries

Hand holds Moflin robotic pet
Moflin promises to learn from the owner and develop real pet characteristics. Photo: disclosure

The idea is the same as that of Qoobo. The difference is that it has artificial intelligence, which helps to recognize the owner and develop characteristics of a real pet. In times of social detachment, Moflin is a good idea for anyone who wants a Pet, but is not prepared to offer all the care that a life requires. It costs US $ 400 (about R $ 2.117).

BioButton, by BioIntelliSense

The pandemic is still around the world and identifying its symptoms can be crucial to receiving specialized care in time. BioButton is a adhesive with sensors to be placed on the chest and collect body data, such as temperature, heart rate, blood oxygenation and others. All of this information is combined to detect infection with the new coronavirus when the patient doesn't even feel sick yet. According to the manufacturer, it is as accurate as medical devices. It will cost US $ 1 (something like R $ 5,30) a day, for up to 60 days of continuous monitoring.

Sleep Sticker by Tatch

Having your breath monitored while sleeping can help improve your sleep pattern. At least that's what this patch promises, which should be glued to the chest. With the collected data, it informs if the user has been sleeping well and what positions affect his sleep. You can register to participate in the pilot program company and buy two stickers for $ 60 (close to $ 320).

Voy's Tunable Glasses

Glasses have adjustable lenses
Glasses have adjustable lenses. Photo: disclosure

You may have seen ready glasses. They are generally not very accurate. The startup Voy presented at CES 2021 an adjustable model, ranging from 5 degrees of myopia to 2 degrees of hyperopia. Small buttons on the top of the frame allow you to adjust each lens - they are composed of two sliding polycarbonate plates, which adjust the degree. The glasses have protection against ultraviolet and blue light, as well as anti-reflective finish. The price starts at $ 79 (something like $ 420).

Sport Open Earbuds, by Bose

Bose headphones don't go in the ear canal
Bose headphones do not go inside the ear canal. Photo: disclosure

In-ear headphones have been a trend for a few years now, but anyone who does not like having accessories inside the ear canal will like this Bose novelty. The brand showed, at CES 2021, headphones that are on the outside of the ear. And they also have the advantage of ensuring that the user maintains contact with ambient sounds - something essential for cyclists and runners. According to Bose, the sound is directed to the eardrum and there is no leakage to the outside. It will cost US $ 200 (a little more than R $ 1.050).

MaskFone, by Binatone

Mask, headset and microphone in one accessory
MaskFone combines mask, headset and microphone in a single accessory. Photo: disclosure

And, speaking of headphones, how about adding the accessory with the currently much needed masks? That is what Binatone did. THE MaskFone it is made of washable fabric and comes with N95 filter, headphones and built-in microphone. In these pandemic times, it combines two accessories that many use daily. Price: $ 50 (about $ 265).

AirPop's Active +

A mask with sensors that inform about breathing habits (such as breaths per minute) and the quality of air filtration (how many pollutants have been filtered). That's how Active + it works. And all of this technology comes at a price: it's $ 150 (approximately $ 800).

YSL Beauté Rouge Sur Mesure, by L'Oreal

Lipstick with custom colors, by L'Oreal
Lipstick with custom colors, by L'Oreal. Photo: disclosure

A lipstick with color customized by the user. Who has never dreamed of this cosmetic? L'Oreal made it a reality in the YSL Beauté Rouge Sur Mesure: three capsules with different colors of lipstick that can be mixed until you get the shade you want - all with the aid of an algorithm. It costs $ 299 (something like $ 1600). The brand already works on options for skin products and foundations with the same concept.

Ninu, by Ninu Perfume

Ninu Perfume can be customized by the user
Perfume has three fragrances, which can be mixed to create a unique aroma. Photo: disclosure

The concept is the same as that of L'Oreal lipstick. Three different fragrances can be combined to form one custom scent. If you prefer, the user can use each one separately. Ninu Perfume says it will have 1 million essences at its disposal. Has no price estimate or release date yet.

LG's Rollable

LG device has roll-up screen
LG Rollable has a roll-up screen. Photo: Disclosure

Who knew that one day we could roll up the cell phone screen? From what it showed at CES 2021, LG already has the device ready. The model's display can be unrolled and become larger when needed. There is still no estimate of launch and price, but it seems that the Rollable will arrive soon.

Mobile and screen, TCL

TCL roll-up screen phone
TCL model has a 6,7 inch screen that can be rolled out up to 7,8 inches. Photo: disclosure

In the same vein, TCL presented a mobile phone with an expandable screen, which ranges from 6,7 to 7,8 inches, and a roll-up screen of 17 inches. For now, they are just concepts, but they should take advantage of what seems to be an important trend in the segment. They are only concepts for now, but the trend is clear and TCL is already present in the development.

Lenovo Thinkbook Plus Gen 2 i

Lenovo Thinkbook Plus Gen 2 has full screen on the cover
Lenovo's Thinkbook Plus Gen 2i has a full screen on the cover. Photo: disclosure

The screens, by the way, are on all. On computers, the chance of finding two screens on a device has increased a lot. One of the most daring is the Thinkbook Plus Gen 2 i, which has a second screen occupying the entire cover of the equipment - in the previous version, it occupied about 2/3 of the cover. This display uses e-ink, which helps save battery. The model hits the market in this first quarter, for US $ 1.549 (approximately R $ 8.200).

Project Brooklyn by Razer

Razer gaming chair has a 60-inch curved screen
Razer gaming chair has a 60-inch curved screen. Photo: disclosure

Having a gaming chair is the dream of many, but this Razer model goes further. THE novelty it has a 60 inch curved screen, haptic feedback, adjustable ergonomic seat and RGB lighting. It is still a concept, but if you want to have one, start preparing your pocket already: the price will be proportional to the conveniences.

Individual drone, GM Cadillac

Individual electric drone, from Cadillac GM
GM's individual electric drone carries the Cadillac brand. Photo: disclosure

Flying cars have become a constant at CES. In this 2021 edition, GM showed a new concept. The model carries the Cadillac brand and flies up to 90 km / h. The drone has autonomous technology, which allows the passenger to just enjoy the trip. No other technical details or release estimates have been released.