CES 2021: Sony's electric car is tested on roads in Austria

Redaction 15 January 2021

During CES 2020, in January last year, Sony presented Vision-S, an electric car concept designed to serve as a demonstration platform for the products the company develops for the automotive sector.

Six months later, the vehicle hit the streets of Tokyo, where it underwent tests to "improve the detection and audio technologies" on board.


And during CES 2021, which was held virtually this year, the company provided information on the progress of the project.

Vision-S is being tested in winter conditions on public roads in Austria. An interesting progress for what, last year, was just a “showroom on wheels”.

The car is not being entirely developed by Sony, as the company has no experience in the auto industry. Among the partners involved in the project are Bosch, Continental and Vodafone, among others.