CES 2021: artificial intelligence is highlighted in automobiles

Redaction 16 January 2021

Mercedes-Benz introduced the MBUX Hyperscreen, which has 141 centimeters that cover the panel from end to end. In it, the driver finds the instrument panel, the entertainment system and the navigation screen. For the passenger, a separate screen. The system uses an eight-core CPU and has 24GB of RAM. Everything is still connected by artificial intelligence.

One of the features of the system created by the brand is Mercedes Travel Knowledge. It combines map data and information about the vehicle's surroundings to offer tips on points of interest such as museums, restaurants and others. The first model to receive the novelty will be the S-Class 2021, but it does not come with Hyperscreen. The complete system will be available in the Mercedes EQS electric sedan in 2022.


Panasonic has developed an augmented reality solution that projects information into the driver's line of sight to ensure that the driver keeps his eyes on the road at all times. The idea is to reduce distractions and keep you more informed and engaged in the task of driving.

But the main highlight was that of GM, which announced its concept of the car of the future: a fully autonomous, electric Cadillac that exchanges tires for turbines.

The flying car has a passenger capacity and is equipped with a 90kWh electric motor. The takeoff is vertical thanks to the four propellers distributed by the vehicle that can fly at kilometers per hour. It is not yet known, however, whether the flying car will be produced or sold.