CES 2021: Cell phones present new concepts

Redaction 16 January 2021

The Consumer Electronics Show is not usually a fair focused on mobile technology, but 2021 was a little different. Two of the largest technology companies on the planet presented smartphones that hit the market this year: Korean rivals LG and Samsung drew attention throughout the week with their devices.

LG stood out with a new cell phone concept, which uses the roll-up screen technology that the company has demonstrated over several CES. Called the LG Rollable, the device has a mechanism that causes the display to expand and retract, taking on a conventional tablet or smartphone format depending on the user's preference. The solution is a response to the foldable screen phones that have started to appear in recent years.


In the meantime, Samsung has put its traditions aside and announced the family of top-of-the-line Galaxy S21 phones, which were typically introduced between late February and early March.

The devices have a lot in common with last year's models, with a more significant aesthetic difference in the camera module; there is also a focus on new camera features. However, the device was marked by what is not present: the company decided to remove the microSD card slot from the cell phone, in addition to the charger that is not offered in the box, just as Apple did with the new iPhones.