CES 2021: companies bet on technology against Covid-19

Redaction 16 January 2021

Over the past year, the industry understood that it would be necessary to rethink the technology against Covid-19 to minimize the risks of the virus, creating products that, in a normal year, would not be so prominent at the fair, but that make perfect sense in the situation current.

They are equipments that rethink individual protection and that, keeping the tradition of the event, transform any type of object that does not yet have an internet connection into “smart”.


Among them is a transparent N95 respirator with active ventilation and replaceable filters from Razer. The accessory also amplifies the voice to prevent the mask from hampering communication and has colorful LEDs that come into play when it is dark, allowing the mouth to illuminate and thus enabling lip reading for the deaf.

LG has already revealed an air purifier that attaches to the user's face, with the promise of filtering 99,95% of the particles, preventing the person from coming into contact with the virus. The PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier takes the concept of a home air purifier and places it directly on the user's nose and mouth, with autonomy of two to eight hours of operation with the internal battery.

But the technology industry against Covid-19 at CES is not only protecting the user's face. The event also received a series of announcements aimed at making the environment a little safer for people. For this reason, several companies have dedicated themselves to presenting equipment with ultraviolet light. This is the case of Targus, which presented a sterilizing lamp made to eliminate remnants of the virus on the user's keyboard.

BioIntelliSense, in turn, announced BioButton: a patch that detects a possible infection with the new coronavirus as soon as possible. And Kohler revealed a discharge that works only by approach, without depending on the touch of the equipment.