CES 2021: Transparent TV and curved screen TV are announced

Redaction 16 January 2021

Among LG's highlights at CES 2021 is a 55-inch OLED panel transparent TV prototype. The screen's 40% transparency allows you to see through it even when it's on. Until now, the brand's transparent screens were only 10% translucent. LG also unveiled a prototype 48-inch OLED TV that can switch from a flat screen to a curved screen with the push of a button. The idea is that people can use the curvature of the display to improve the gaming experience.

Sony introduced products aimed at streaming. Among them are the TV sets of the Bravia XR line, in which the buyer gains access to the Bravia Core platform. According to Sony, the devices allow you to watch videos in the highest quality available on the market today. The responsible for this is the technology “Pure Stream”, which offers ultra-high definition almost without losses - a quality comparable to that of a blu-ray disc.


Chinese manufacturer TCL bet on a TV with no space between screen and panel. The new TV technology called the OD Zero mini-LED promises even better brightness and colors, as well as more accurate contrast and smooth uniformity compared to previous mini-LEDs. This is because, according to TCL, it allows practically zero distance between the layer of the mini-LED that emits light and the layer of the LCD screen.