The Israeli company REE Automotive presented during the CES 2021 two products aimed at the “Electric Mobility as a Service” (MaaS) segment, more specifically companies interested in building electric vans for delivery or passenger transportation.

REEboards are chassis for electric vehicles, known in the industry as "skateboards" (skateboards). In addition to providing the basic structure of the vehicle, the “boards” contain the battery, electronics for load management and all the necessary wiring for energy distribution and commands for acceleration, braking and steering.


The REECorners are units that are in the four corners of the board and contain an electric motor, braking system, suspension, wheel and tire. The suspension is mechanical, as hydraulic connections would complicate the design. 

A set with REEBoard and four REECorners forms the basis for an electric vehicle that can be controlled by a driver or even by an autonomous system (not included).

According to the manufacturer, the advantages of its technology for an automaker include total freedom in the design of the vehicle body, large load capacity in a small physical space, support for batteries from 48 to 800 volts, minimum maintenance time and online updates, with preventive maintenance in charge of an artificial intelligence system.

“We want to be a 'blank canvas' on which our partners and consumers will be able to build electric and autonomous vehicles, tailored to their needs, while moving towards a zero emission future”, says Daniel Barel, CEO and co-founder of REE.


The development of unified platforms for electric vehicles is a trend among automakers, since it simplifies projects, reduces costs and reduces the time between the vehicle's design and its arrival at consumers. Hyundai, GM e Subaru / Toyota these are just a few of the automakers that recently announced their platforms.

Source: Motor Trend