There some years, rumors indicate that Apple is working on a project to electric car. However, it appears that the launch is still a bit distant. Even so, this does not prevent people from imagining some of the peripherals that can accompany the novelty. This is the case of graphic designer John Calkins, who created a concept that shows how the Apple CarPlay, the company's multimedia center, would work on a large 15-inch navigation screen - similar to that used in Tesla Model 3 cars and Model Y da Tesla.  

With a touch screen, the system has a dock on the left side with some applications that can be easily accessed by the driver. At first glance, it can even be said that the system is a kind of macOS Big Sur mixed with a iPad.  


In addition to the dock, the screen is divided into a panel for controlling and viewing the car's situation - such as headlights, air conditioning and music - and a map that helps with navigation. If an app is selected, the right side is replaced so that the passenger can perform some action, such as dialing someone, for example.  

As could be expected, the Crab it is also present - and can be activated with a touch of the dedicated button, located in the dock on the left.  

Siri can be accessed from an exclusive button on the left side of the screen. Photo: John Calkins / Reproduction

It is worth remembering that this is just a concept. There is no indication that the system will look like this or that it will be adopted by Apple. However, the company revealed that it deals with companies like Hyundai to create a vehicle using Apple CarPlay technologies.  

Apple Car production 

According to Economic Daily News, from Taiwan, Apple accelerated the production of the Apple Car. In fact, the publication states that the novelty will hit the market in September 2021. 


According to the website, its source is an observation made in the company's supply chain, which started receiving orders for automotive parts from the giant Cupertino

However, the information shared is not entirely reliable, as there is no confirmation that the Apple car will hit the market - despite tests done on the streets of California in 2017, the company never confirmed its intention to enter this segment. 

It is normal for all new Apple projects to be surrounded by rumors and leaks, but predictions, however assertive in some cases, can fail. Still, it may be that the interpretation of the site is right - even with a launch date so close, since previously the mysterious car would be launched between 2023 and 2025. 

What is known so far is that the Apple car will come equipped with an autonomous chip from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC), which is also known for being a partner of the company in the manufacture of internal components, such as the 5 nm Bionic Chip and O M1

Street: 9to5Mac