Everything indicates that Apple may have started its process of developing folding screens. After information that emerged in early January - indicating that the company would be working on two models of foldable iPhone - a new internal source told the news portal Bloomberg that the first prototype of the company based in Cupertino, in the United States, consists only of a single folding screen, and not two, unlike other devices like the Surface Duo, from Microsoft.

Development work would still be taking its first steps. For now, Apple would be focused only on building a flexible display. This means that Apple would not yet have a complete iPhone to conduct more advanced tests in its labs.


Folding screen inspired by Samsung and Motorola

Galaxy fold
First foldable iPhone should be inspired by the look of other devices like the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Image: Mr. Mikla / Shutterstock

The prototype of what may be the screen of the first iPhone with foldable screen from Apple is inspired by the same design used by other devices in the segment, such as Samsung's Galaxy Fold and Motorola Razr. The Apple component, as in the case of competitors, works in conjunction with a hinge system that allows you to fold the phone in half.

Internal discussions reveal that Apple would be willing to create a 6.7-inch foldable screen, the same size as the display currently used on the iPhone 12 Max. Despite the novelty, Apple has given no sign that it plans to launch a foldable phone later this year. The company would be planning only minor changes for the iPhone in 2021.

Rumors about Steve Jobs' entry into the folding phone niche gained momentum after the company filed a new patent for "an electronic device housing where the first and second portions come together using a hinge."

Source: Zdnet/Bloomberg