A safer, cleaner and more accessible world. This is the reason for Cruise and GM to join the Microsoft in a strategy for investing in autonomous cars. The companies intend to combine their expertise in software and hardware engineering, cloud computing resources, manufacturing knowledge and partner ecosystem.

Microsoft joins GM, Honda and other institutional investors in a new combined capital investment in Cruise. The total will exceed $ 2 billion, which should raise the automaker's market valuation to $ 30 billion.


Dan Ammann, CEO of Cruise, assesses that Microsoft will be a force multiplier in the commercialization of the automaker's fleet of autonomous, fully electric and shared cars. “Our mission to offer safer, better and more affordable transportation for everyone is not just a technological race - it's also a race for trust.”

Digital transformation

Cruise will use Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform, in this process. "Advances in digital technology are redefining all aspects of our work and our lives, including the way we move people and goods," says Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. "We will apply the power of Azure to help Cruise and GM popularize autonomous transport."

For Mary Barra, GM CEO, the goal is to guarantee a future with zero accidents, zero emissions and zero congestion. The brand wants to launch 30 new electric vehicles globally by 2025. “In addition, we will create new businesses and services to drive this growth.”

At the same time, GM wants to accelerate its digitization initiatives to improve collaboration and storage, as well as to use artificial intelligence and machine learning resources. The idea is that this will help optimize operations in digital supply chains, promote productivity and allow you to offer services to customers more quickly.