With the pandemic of the new coronavirus, many people started to work in home office regime. Thinking about it - and to help these individuals -, Nissan presented a project that promises to change the workplace whenever the user wants with an “office on wheels”.

Named NV350 Caravan Office Pod, the concept has the ability to house a complete office inside. When parking in a different location, such as in the field, for example, and pressing a button on the smartphone, the entire workstation will slide out, allowing remote service to be done anywhere.  


If it is a rainy day - or with a lot of outside interference - you can still lower the vehicle's curtains and work calmly inside. There is also a built-in coffee maker, so that the worker does not have to travel far to drink coffee while working.  

The floor of the workstation is transparent and aims to connect the user to the environment in which he finds himself. At the time of the break, the upper part of the car - accessible by a small internal staircase - can become a small balcony for the worker to rest.  

However, while interesting, the idea of ​​the Nissan office on wheels may have some problems. Sudden rains and bugs can be an obstacle. Therefore, remembering to close the curtains before starting work, depending on the location, can help to avoid these issues.  

In addition, it is recommended to avoid drinking too much coffee during work. This is because there is no toilet installed in the vehicle. Which forces the user to look for other places to alleviate their needs - if the person doesn't mind using a tree, for example.  


Unfortunately, the NV350 is just a concept. Therefore, there is no forecast or confirmation that it will reach the market. Even so, it is quite interesting to note that, soon, we may have options to work remotely from anywhere. 

Street: Digital Trends