Twitter continues to operate to close accounts that may be harmful to its users. Last Sunday (17), the microblog suspended the account of the Republican representative of the USA, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a newly elected congressman in the state of Georgia, known for promoting the ideals of far right QAnon. 

According to a Twitter statement, Greene's account was "temporarily blocked for multiple violations" of the social network's civic integrity policy, as a Twitter representative informed the Reuters.


The action by Jack Dorsey's social network came shortly after the congresswoman fought with an electoral authority over alleged election fraud that elected Joe Biden.  

Marjorie Taylor Greene taking office in January 2021
Marjorie Taylor Greene (in red) took the position of congressman for the state of Georgia in early January. Image: Twitter

In a statement, the congresswoman accused the social network of oppressing conservative political voices. "The monopoly control that some Big Tech companies have over American political discourse is out of control," he said.

Politics gained notoriety in 2017, when it began to promote some conspiracy theories of the extremist movement QAnon, known for spreading conspiracy theories in the USA. One example is the idea that Donald Trump would be "fighting a global sect of satanic pedophiles in a secret war".

Suspension of Twitter accounts

Since the attack on the Capitol in Washington earlier this year, Twitter has been suspending dozens of accounts dedicated to sharing content linked to QAnon. In the episode in question, five people died, including a Capitol police officer.

After the incident, Twitter removed the account of current President Donald Trump, who had 88 million followers fearing further incitement to violence. In the wake of this ban, several other social networks also removed Trump's profile from their communities, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Street: Reuters