A Mercedes-Benz unveiled its newest electric SUV model, the compact EQA. Based on the crossovers (passenger cars with SUV characteristics) GLA, it should start production later this year at Europe.

With a 66,5 kWh battery, considered slightly above the average found in electric cars, the Mercedes EQA will have an estimated range of 300 miles (482,8 km) with each charge. For comparison, the largest battery model of Tesla vehicles, a reference in the electric car market, has 100 kWh.


It is likely that EQA, which will be marketed under the name EQA 250 and will cost € 39.950 (about R $ 255 thousand in direct conversion), will be limited to the European market. According to The Verge, a spokesman for Daimler, owner of Mercedes-Benz, says the company is studying the possibility of taking it to the US, but the country is almost certain to receive the Mercedes EQB, based on the automaker's GLB line.

Mercedes EQA is based on the GLA crossover line. Credit: Mercedes-Benz / Disclosure

The autonomy of the Mercedes EQA follows the New European Driving Cycle standard. This specification measures the emission levels and economy of passenger car engines, as well as representing the typical use of vehicles on that continent. If it arrives in American territory, the model must be tested by local agencies. This can decrease its estimated range to less than 300 miles, as these analyzes are considered more faithful to the actual performance of the cars.

The manufacturer says there are plans to market variants of the compact SUV. This includes a model with AWD traction (all-wheel drive) with electric transmission to raise the power to 200 kW, which, in turn, would increase the range to 500 km.

The Mercedes EQA does not come with the newly announced MBUX hyperscreen, the 1,40m smart screen that combines sensors, cameras, OLED panels and a powerful computer in one piece. However, buyers can opt for two 7-inch screens or a 10,25-inch widescreen display. Both use the new MBUX infotainment interface, controlled by touch and voice.


Street: The Verge

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